Ocean Instruments Ltd is an oceanographic and survey equipment supplier, based in Edinburgh, Scotland, and managed by Kelso Riddell, who has over 35 years experience in the oceanographic industry.

We represent

  • McLane Research Laboratories Inc.
    – Profilers
    – Samplers
    – Flotation – Glass and Steel
  • Seapoint Sensors Inc.
    – Optical sensors for Turbidity and Fluorometry
  • Zebra-Tech Ltd.
    – Hydro-Wipers for optical sensors and cameras
    – Underwater Caliper
    – Digital Measuring Board (for recording fish measurements etc.)
  • Guideline Geo (ABEM and MALA) – for Cuba
    – Ground Resistivity and Seismic equipment
    – Ground Penetrating Radar

We have non-exclusive informal agreements with several other equipment manufacturers.

Our customers include those working in oceanographic research, universities, coastal engineering, offshore oil and gas, renewable energy, fisheries, environmental authorities and international agencies.
We also work on an OEM basis with equipment manufacturers and system integrators.

In the Carribean area we supply both marine survey and oceanographic customers, as well as land survey and geophysical companies and environmental agencies.