McLane Research Laboratories Inc manufacture time-series instrumentation,
and deep sea Glass and Steel subsurface flotation.
Based in Falmouth, MA, USA, a few miles up the road from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI).
Samplers,  Profilers, Flotation.

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logo Seapoint Sensors Inc manufacture optical oceanographic sensors for Turbidity and Fluorescence.
Thanks to their very low power requirements (good for battery powered equipment), and operating depth rating of 6,000 metres, these are the sensors of choice for many users.

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Zebra-Tech Ltd manufacture instrumentation for underwater research and fisheries catch sampling.
Products include the Hydro-Wiper for keeping optical sensors clean, Dive Caliper,
Wet Tag, Digital Measuring Board, D-Opto, Seep Detection and Diver Logger

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