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Imaging FlowCytoBot (IFCB)
The Imaging FlowCytobot (IFCB) is an automated submersible imaging flow cytometer that uses a combination of flow cytometry and video to take high resolution (~3.4 pixels/micron) images of suspended particles in the size range <10 to 150 μm (such as diatoms and dinoflagellates). The data can be transmitted to shore in real time, and processed with automated classification software with accuracy comparable to that of human experts. The instrument samples 15ml of sea water and can generate 30,000 images per hour.
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McLane Parflux Sediment Traps - Large 78H and Small Mk8Parflux Sediment traps
McLane Sediment Traps collect settling particulate matter into sample bottles in a time-series according to a user defined schedule. They play an important role in studies of the global carbon cycle. In addition to time-series measurement of particle flux, McLane sediment traps are well suited for paleoproxy and radionucleide investigations and can be used for environmental and pollution monitoring.
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McLane RAS-500 with FiltersRAS Remote Access Sampler
McLane RAS Remote Access Samplers collect up to 48 time-series water samples into sample bags. The RAS-500 takes 500ml samples, while the RAS-100 takes 100ml samples.

New 2018 - All RAS units are now fitted with a Controller Housing which can accept 24 standard D cells. Previous units used a special battery pack.
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McLane PPS Phytoplankton SamplerPPS Phytoplankton Sampler
The McLane PPS Phytoplankton Sampler collects up to 24 samples in autonomous, user defined, time-series using 47mm filters.
Using extraction columns, a WTS may be used to collect time-series samples of dissolved compounds, dissolved radionucleides, and dissolved trace metals.

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McLane WTS-LV uprightLarge Volume Samplers
McLane Large Volume Water Transfer Systems collect single samples onto 142mm filters, commonly while suspended from the hydrowire of a research vessel.
Depending on the filter installed it may be used to collect suspended particles, particulate trace metals, phytoplankton or micro-plastics.
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McLane Moored Profiler – MMP
The McLane Moored Profiler travels up and down a fixed tether while carrying a selection of oceanographic sensors. Standard instruments include a CTD and an acoustic current meter. Optional additions include bio-optical, chemical, and suspended particulate sensors.
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McLane Ice Tethered Profiler ITP-FSIMcLane ITP - Ice Tethered Profiler
The McLane ITP is a moored profiler which can be deployed through a small hole under the ice. It collects measurements of conductivity, temperature, and depth, and other sensors. Data can be automatically transmitted in near real time via an inductive modem when connected to a surface controller.
Profiling depth, time intervals and pressure stops are user-defined, and profiling patterns can span specific seasons or timeframes.
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McLane Glass Flotation selectionGlass Flotation
McLane Glass Flotation is available in single, triple and quad hard-hat housings.

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McLane Steel Floats on palletsSteel Flotation
McLane Steel Flotation is available in a variety of sizes for depths down to 360m.
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Seapoint Sensors
Seapoint STMII/AG306 Turbidity SensorTurbidity sensors
Seapoint Sensors Turbidity Meter sensors STMs are renowned for their reliability, stability and extremely low power consumption.
The STM11 turbidity sensor has four ranges and analog 0-5V output.
More than 15,000 of these units have been manufactured.
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The new Seapoint STM-S Turbidity sensor was introduced in 2017
The STM-S is a new sensor for turbidity and suspended solids monitoring, and includes all the functionality of the analog STM11 Seapoint Turbidity Meter plus a high range signal for extremely turbid waters. The sensor can be configured for 0-5V analog or RS232 compatible serial output. These features, as well as low power requirements and 6000 meter depth rating, enable the STM-S to be used for the vast majority of turbidity or suspended solids monitoring applications.
The STM-S is available as a "side looker" with the windows at the side, or as an "end looker" with the windows on the end of the body.
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Seapoint FluorometerSeapoint Fluorometers
Seapoint Sensors Fluorometers are available for
- SCF Chlorophyll a
- SFF Fluorescein
- SRF Rhodamine
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The new Seapoint SCF-S Fluorometer
Like the new Seapoint Turbidity Meter STM-S, the new Fluorometer has a serial and analog interface, and is much smaller than our traditional SCF.
Ask us for details.


Zebra-Tech Hydro-Wiper A-SCHydro-Wiper
The Hydro-Wiper is designed to keep the windows of optical sensors clean. It is also used very successfully for underwater cameras.
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Zebra-Tech UW CaliperDive Caliper
The Dive Caliper is a basic tool which has been developed to make underwater measurements easy to record at the press of a button. They help eliminate errors caused by transcription while speeding up work.
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Wet Tag - Data collection for fisheries
The Wet Tag automatically logs the deployment of lobster pots, crab pots, dredges, set nets.
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Digital Measuring Board
Measure hundreds or thousands of samples quickly and easily without any paperwork.
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Deck Logger
The Deck logger is used for fishing data collection.
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Dissolved Oxygen sensor and logger

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Seep Detection systems

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Guideline Geo
ABEM Terrameter LS2
Ground Resistivity System

Up to 12 measurement channels
Unique design of high power current transmitter and measurement channels IP measurements (with 100% duty cycle) 1D, 2D, 3D and 4D measurements
IEC IP 66 rating
Wi-Fi and 3G connection
Software licensing system
ABEM Terraloc Pro

12, 24 or 48 measurement channels
WiFi, Ethernet, USB and VGA connectivity
100 GB storage unit
2D and 3D measurements
Sunlight visible LCD with graphical user interface
Up to 480 000 samples and 80 minutes record length
Military grade connectors
High quality cables and accessories


Ground Penetrating Radar

Flexible configuration for a wide range of applications
Well designed, field-rugged enclosure
In-the-field processing and interpretation
Built-in DGPS
WiFi option
All antennas meet FCC, EC and IC regulatory limits on radio emissions
Ultra high stacking to reduce random noise