McLane MMP Moored Profiler

McLane MMP Moored Profiler

McLane MMP Moored Profiler climbs up and down a wire

McLane MMP moored profiler The McLane Moored Profiler (MMP) travels up and down a fixed mooring wire, carrying a selection of oceanographic sensors. Standard instruments include a CTD and an acoustic current meter. Additional sensors often include a variety of bio-optical, chemical, and suspended particle sensors.

The profiling depth and interval and optional pressure stops are all programmable by the user, and acquired data is recorded on board.

Optional inductive modems can be used to provideĀ  near real-time telemetry of the acquired data up to a surface buoy or down to a seabed node and onwards to the users office.

To download the McLane Moored Profiler (MMP) data sheet click here

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