Seapoint STMII Turbidity Sensors

Seapoint STMII Turbidity Sensors

Seapoint Sensors STMII analog turbidity sensors


Seapoint Sensors Inc. have been making turbidity sensors since 1994, and to date more than 16,000 have been supplied to clients all over the world. The analogue output Seapoint Turbidity Meter (STMII) has been the sensor of choice for most people because of its very low power requirement.

The Seapoint STMII / AG306 Turbidity Sensor Seapoint Sensors turbidimetre turbidity sensors OBSSeapoint Turbidity Meter detects light scattered by particles suspended in water, and generates an output voltage proportional to the water’s turbidity or suspended solids. The very low power requirement makes it ideal for applications where battery drain is important. The desired Range may be selected by two digital lines which can be hard wired or microprocessor controlled, thereby choosing the appropriate range and resolution for measurement of extremely clean to very turbid waters. The offset voltage is within 1 mV of zero and requires no adjustment across gains. The unique optical design confines the sensing volume to within 5 cm of the sensor. This allows near-bottom measurements and minimizes errant reflections in restricted spaces.

  • Very low power requirement
  • Small size
  • 6,000m depth rating
  • Optically confined sensing volume
  • Insensitive to ambient light
  • Linear signal output over more than 5 decades
  • Four programmable ranges
  • Optical feedback compensates for temperature coefficient and aging of optical components
  • Very low offset voltage which does not require adjustment
  • The sensor interfaces easily with data acquisition systems
  • Corrosion-free materials
  • Pin compatible with Seapoint Fluorometers
  • versions are available for cabled and for bulkhead mounting
  • A boosted gain variant is available for very clear water applications such as hydrothermal vent detection. Ask for details.

The STMII turbidity sensor is easily interfaced with data acquisition systems.
A 1.5m (5 ft) long cable pigtail is available with the connector version.
Custom configurations e.g. for fitting into pipework, are available.

To download the STMII data sheet click here

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