Seapoint STM-S Turbidity Sensor

Seapoint STM-S Turbidity Sensor

The Seapoint STM-S is a new Turbidity sensor with serial and analog signal output

The STM-S is a new sensor for turbidity and suspended solids monitoring. It includes all the functionality of the legacy analog Seapoint Turbidity Meter STMII together with a new a high range signal for extremely turbid water. seapoint STM-S turbidity sensor OBSThe sensor can be configured by the user for 0-5V analog or RS232 compatible serial output. These features, together with the very low power requirement and 6000 metre depth rating, allow the STM-S to be used for the vast majority of turbidity or suspended solids monitoring applications.
The primary light scattering signal is generated when light projected from the LED emitter is scattered into the detector window cavity onto a photo-diode, producing a signal proportional to turbidity or suspended solids. The optical design confines the sensing volume to within 5 cm of the sensor allowing near-bottom measurements and minimizing errant reflections in restricted spaces. The signal provides a linear measurement of turbidity or suspended solids from very low levels to beyond 1,000 FTU.
To overcome the limitations of the primary scattering signal at extremely high turbidity levels, an ancillary signal is provided, which is proportional to the light scattered back into the emitter cavity. This signal is not extinguished by the attenuation of extremely turbid water, so that measurements up to more than 20,000 FTU can be taken with the sensor.


  • Very low power requirement
  • 6000 m depth capability
  • Optically confined sensing volume
  • Insensitive to ambient light
  • >6 decades total range to >20,000 FTU
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • CE and RoHS compliant
  • Configuration and calibration adjustments via RS232
  • Corrosion-free rugged materials
  • Small size
  • Light weight 80g in air
  • Pin compatible with legacy Seapoint turbidity sensors (STMII)
  • Analog or serial output user selectable
  • Side-looking or End-looking window options
  • Connector or Bulkhead fitting options

To download the datasheet on the Seapoint STM-S, click here

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