Seapoint Fluorometers provide high performance and low power

Seapoint Fluorometers are high-performance, low power sensors for in-situ measurement of chlorophyll (SCF), Fluorescein (SFF), Rhodamine (SRF), and CDOM, crude oil and UV dye (SUVF). Their small size, very low power Seapoint Fluorometer Chlorophyll Fluorescein Rhodamine CDOM Crude Oilconsumption, high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, 6000 metre depth capability, and open or pump-through sample volume options provide the power and flexibility to measure these under a wide variety of conditions. The fluorometer uses modulated LED lamps and an excitation filter to excite the fluorescent material. The fluorescent light emitted by this passes through an emission filter and is detected by a silicon photo-diode. The low level signal is then processed using synchronous demodulation circuitry which generates an output voltage proportional to the concentration. The fluorometer may be operated with or without a pump. The sensing volume may be left open to the surrounding water, or, with the use of the supplied cap, can have water pumped through it. Two control lines allow the user to set the range to one of four options. These lines may be hardwired or microprocessor controlled to provide a suitable range and resolution for a given application. The sensor is easily interfaced with data acquisition packages. Custom configurations are available.


  • Very low power requirements
  • Can be used in pumped or open deployments
  • Small size
  • 6000 m depth capability
  • Good ambient light rejection
  • Linear output with chlorophyll concentration
  • Four programmable ranges
  • Low temperature coefficient
  • Low offset voltage does not require adjustment
  • Pin compatible with Seapoint Turbidity Meter and other Seapoint Fluorometers
  • Interface easily with data acquisition systems
  • Rugged, corrosion-free materials

To download the Seapoint Chlorophyll Fluorometer data sheet click here

To download the Seapoint Fluorescein Fluorometer data sheet click here

To download the Seapoint Rhodamine Fluorometer data sheet click here

To download the Seapoint Ultra-Violet Fluorometer data sheet click here

Custom configurations are available.