McLane Steel flotation

McLane Steel flotation

McLane Steel flotation for buoyancy down to 380m

McLane Steel Floats on palletsMcLane steel subsurface flotation is a cost effective solution for shallow water and coastal buoyancy requirements down to 380 metres. With a heavy steel construction and durable finish, our highly efficient buoys withstand the harsh ocean environment and strenuous deployment procedures.

McLane Steel subsurface flotation feature an equatorial ring for strength, a strong straight-through central strain member, lifting beckets and sacrificial anodes.

Steel flotation buoys come in three diameters:

  • 30” (369 lb, 168kg buoyancy),
  • 37” (700 lb, 318kg buoyancy)
  • 41” (898 lb, 407kg buoyancy).

Download the McLane Steel flotation data sheet here

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